Economic Changes

Due to the challenges of the changing economic environment, such as: stagnating IT market, unstable demand, the high ratio of grey import, distributors with only a few employees and the continuously changing consumer needs, the expectations of the companies towards its distributors have significantly changed. Considering these conditions, the maximum support provided by the distributor partner is essential for each company to reach its goals.

economic environment
IT market
of grey import
with few employees
consumer needs


Dedicated distribution is the next level of Value Added distribution that answers the challenges of the current economic situation; therefore it is able to provide the most efficient support available for partners having only smaller local agencies. It is a new type of distribution where the distributor - besides resellers - focuses mainly on manufacturing partners, and dedicates more employees, or even a separate project company for a single project or brand. It can also function as an individual nationwide/regional agency, meaning it can offer many advantages for brands. For instance:

What is dedicated distribution?

  • Dedicated team

    The dedicated distributor forms a whole team or even a separate project company to carry out a project or manage a brand. This way partners gain remarkable competitive edge.

  • Representation

    Dedicated distribution can be the most effective supporter of an agency with only a small number of employees. If the partner requires it, it can also function as an independent regional agency. This way manufacturing partners can serve resellers and consumers as if they carried out representation tasks themselves.

  • Professionalism

    With their high level professionalism, market and product knowledge, dedicated employees know a lot about the dedicated brand. Due to the experience and shared knowledge within the company, professionals of the dedicated team or project company can help manufacturing partners instantly, while keeping confidential information.

  • Support

    The dedicated distributor offers logistic, technical and educational support, fulfills communicational and marketing tasks of the manufacturer, and also offers additional services, e.g. warranty administration, license-related issues, handling of commission systems and customer loyalty programs.

  • Commitment

    Closer cooperation results in a situation of strong mutual trust where the dedicated distributor is fully committed towards their manufacturing partners.

  • Network

    Besides an extensive and active reseller system and manufacturer network, the dedicated distributor has developed end-user contacts and experiences.

  • Proactivity

    As an efficiently operating organization, the dedicated distributor can complete all tasks related to the distributed product proactively, and help partners during the whole marketing process.

Apcom – Your dedicated distributor in Hungary

Apcom Hungary Ltd. is the Hungarian representative of dedicated distribution services, and is a dedicated distributor of consumer electronics and ICT products, such as Apple and Symantec.
It is a member of Midis Group, which has more than 40 years of experience in the field of ICT, and more than 2,500 employees. Thanks to its international background and capital it has the power to support your company in a long term.

Midis Group

Midis Group distributes products with different sales methods in 30 countries of 3 continents of the companies below:

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H-1031 Budapest, Záhony street 7. (Graphisoft park) l Tel.: +36 1 430 35 00 l Fax.: +36 1 430 35 09 l dedikaltdisztribucio@apcom.hu l www.apcom.hu

Download our infographics about dedicated distribution from the link below:
Our presentation about dedicated distribution can be downloaded from here.
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